Republican Party of El Dorado County

 “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”

–Abraham Lincoln

America's Problems Lies in the Greatness of the American People

Free Enterprise has Brought this Nation Economic Growth and Prosperity

Limit Government as Outlined in the Declaration of Independence

Support Law and Order and Those Who Serve Them

Government Should Tax Reluctantly and Allow People to Accumulate Wealth

Support President Trump and the Conservative Agenda

The Only Limit to Opportunities to Succeed are limits of Own's Initiative and Enterprise



Register Republican voters!


Assist Republicans running for Local, State, and National office.


Fundraising for Republican Candidates.


Recruit Volunteers and Voter Education.


Operate an Election Headquarters.


Give Back to the Community.

Join Us At Our Next Meeting


When? The second Monday of every month @ 6:30

Where? Park Community Church | 3901 Wild Chaparral Dr | Shingle Springs


Visitors Are Always Welcome!!

The Republican Central Committee of El Dorado County is the county’s official Republican Organization.

We advocate a fiscally conservative government that embraces Republican principles. We are proud to lead the charge for our county’s majority party.