October 4th 2017

The California state legislature has passed SB 54, a bill to make California a sanctuary state and limit our state’s law enforcement agencies’ cooperation with federal immigration officers. As a retired Judge of the California Superior Courts with over eight years on the bench, I oppose this measure I realize that the governor has signed it into law.

This bill only provides sanctuary for criminals that should not be here in the first place. It represents a grave threat to the safety of all Californians most particularly our immigrants and poor, in that it protects those criminals who prey upon these neighborhoods. Rather than detain criminals, our law enforcement and first responders will be placed in greater danger with this bad idea that has been made worse.

Despite some changes announced earlier this week, the measure ties the hands of law enforcement against repeat drunk drivers, malicious gang members, and even those who threaten the lives of our peace officers. That is why I join with the California Sheriff’s Association and oppose this state law. When law enforcement raises serious objections, I listen to them.

California cannot nullify federal immigration laws. As Candidate for California Attorney General in 2018, I will uphold the laws of the land, including immigration law, and I will work with law enforcement to protect California families. California should be a sanctuary for our families, not criminals.

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