November 3rd, 2020 Ballot Initiatives

November 3rd, 2020 Statewide Ballot Initiative Recommendations:

Proposition 14–NO–Authorizes to continue funding for Stem Cell and other Medical Research. Cost is $3.5 Billion in State General Obligation Bonds.

Proposition 15–NO–Removes commercial property from the Proposition 13 property tax rolls. Significantly will raise taxes on small business owners & farmers.

Proposition 16–NO–Repeals voter-approved Proposition 209, which was passed in 1996. Brings back affirmative action practices to government hiring and college admissions.

Proposition 17–NO–Gives convicted felons the right to vote.

Proposition 18–NO–Gives 17-year old’s the right to vote in the primary, if they will be 18-years old before the general election.

Proposition 19–NO–Modifies Proposition 13. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is also against Proposition 19.

Proposition 20– YES–Reforms Propositions 47 & 57. Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders. Authorizes Felony Sentences for Certain Offenses Currently Treated as Misdemeanors.

Proposition 21–NO–Creates rent control for all residential property.

Proposition 22–YES–Saves Lyft, Door Dash, & Uber drivers!

Proposition 23–NO–If passed, this proposition would cause the closure of many privates owned dialysis centers. This would cause harm to patients, who desperately need these services.

Proposition 24–NO–creates more state government, by hiring more workers to enforce new laws.

Proposition 25–NO–If passed, this proposition would eliminate cash bail, which is a Constitutional right. Cash bail would be replaced with a new state agency.