Save the El Dorado County Fairgrounds!

The El Dorado County Fairgrounds is at-risk of closing if it cannot hold the annual County Fair in July! The Governor’s ‘shelter in place’ order has already cost the County Fairgrounds $200K in lost rental revenue. The County Fair generates over $300K profit. The County Fairgrounds is a very efficient operation and uses resources wisely. Their annual budget is only $1.3 million.





Please watch the CBS 13 story featuring the El Dorado County Fairgrounds CEO Jody Gray, regarding the possible closure of the what is often referred to as the ‘heartbeat of the Gold Country’!

El Dorado County Fairgrounds Could Close Indefinitely If 2020 County Fair Doesn’t Happen

The El Dorado County Republican Party is determined to keep this community epicenter and economic powerhouse from closure. Please donate to the Friends of the County Fair by clicking on the following link:

Thank you for your support!